The Rebel Guide to Building a Digital Footprint

The Rebel Guide to Building a Digital Footprint

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Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of good domain names available to you? In Rebel's Guide to Building a Digital Footprint, we'll show you why you don't have to be frustrated anymore.

Read on as we examine:

  1. New domain name extensions that go far beyond the traditional .COM.
  2. How these new domains work to optimize your SEO in an organic way.
  3. How Google algorithm updates work - and how they can affect you.
  4. Marketing campaigns, contests and new products that can be launched with a custom domain.
  5. Why your focus can be local AND global.

No boring, stuffy prose here: we make learning about domains and SEO fun. We promise.

Included in this Smart Guide

  • Lifetime Updates by the Author

  • Direct Q & A by the Author

  • Actionable Steps With Expert Insight

  • Original Templates and Files

  • Lifetime Access